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Week 14

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Ryan, MattThe Falcons continue to score week after week. Get Ryan in your line-up.
Brady, TomSure Baltimore is rocking a stout defense. When did that ever stop Tom Brady?
Luck, AndrewLook at his Monday Night Game in Week 13 and get this guy in your lineup. The Colts are peaking at the right time.
Wilson, RussellSeattle is finishing strong and Wilson is healthy. Wilson starts with confidence,
Carr, DerekAn interesting match-up that could dictate the division title.
Rivers, PhilipRivers has some weapons and seems to find them on the field.
Smith, AlexArrowhead is the best friend of Alex Smith as the 12th man will be making some serious noise.
Prescott, DakLook for another solid performance by the Cowboys behind Elliott. Dak Prescott will have the time to look for Dez.
Manning, EliManning will be throwing all day long, and that generally equates to fantasy points.
Brees, DrewWe would rank Drew Brees as a stud if they were playing at home but his performance numbers on the road do not lie.
Newton, CamYou will be seeing a much improved fantasy performance from one Cam Newton in Week 14.
Kaepernick, ColinRemind me again why San Francisco played with Case Keenum for so long again.
Roethlisberger, BenBig Ben has found his ticket to success with Antonio Brown. That alone makes him worth starting.
Stafford, MatthewChicago has a little more bite than the Saints, but Stafford should have another good week.
Dalton, AndyIts Cleveland, just in time for the Bengals to regroup and get it back together after losing half their offense.
Rodgers, AaronGreen Bay may be struggling but Rodgers is giving you fantasy points.
Cousins, KirkTwo teams headed in different directions. The Redskins will right their ship as they try to find a way into the playoffs.
Winston, JameisNew Orlenas continues to make opposing QBs look like studs. If you are ever going to start Winston it should be at home against the Saints.
Bortles, BlakeThe Viking defense will have Blake Bortles running for his life and throwing errant passes. Look elsewhere.

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