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Week 5

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Manning, PeytonWe expect a closer game than some are calling for, but Peyton is a STUD until further notice.
Luck, AndrewIF you have followed QB play this year, Andrew Luck deserves a promotion to the top of the list.
Rodgers, AaronNow the schedule gets easier for the Packers. Look for better production out of Rodgers moving forward.
Brees, DrewDrew Brees is perilously close to losing his studly status but come on man, it is Tampa Bay.
Romo, TonyCan you believe how badly Romo tore up the Saints in Week 4. Good things ahead for Dallas fans.
Newton, CamWith the RBs dropping like flys in Carolina, Newton will need to step up his game in Week 5.
Ryan, MattAfter the global warming fiasco last year, Matty Ice is once again cool under pressure.
Foles, NickSt. Louis will not control this high octane offense. Trust in Foles.
Stafford, MatthewBuffalo is reeling and grasping at straws. Look for Stafford to light them up in Week 5.
Rivers, PhilipRivers is looking like he found the fountain of youth. With no running game, he will spread the field and score.
Manning, EliStarting to look like an NFL team and connecting consistently with Donnell.
Fitzpatrick, RyanYeah, Johnson and Hopkins are playing better. Too bad Fitzpatrick is the QB. There are better choices this week.
Locker, JakeSprained wrist on a BAAAD team. We seriously hope you have another option. Really ANY other option.
Hill, ShaunLeave Hill on your bench, or better yet on the waiver wire. Even if he is healthy enough to play.
Roethlisberger, BenIf you have been benching Big Ben all year for better options, this is the week.

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