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Week 13

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Manning, PeytonThis is the QB that creates TDs from mana.
Luck, AndrewLuck is still the number 1 QB in the game even after a bad Week 12.
Brady, TomPulling it together on the field and in the locker room at the most important time of the season.
Tannehill, RyanMiami gave the Broncos one hell of a run with Tannehill running the show. The Jets are just a road bump for them.
Cutler, JayUp, down, sideways - one of the most frustrating QBs in fantasy football. And through it all he just keeps on putting up the numbers.
Manning, EliPlaying well during the 2nd half of the season and Hey, Odell Beckham could make you look good at QB.
Brees, DrewHigh scoring game ahead. Even though its a road game Brees shows up this week.
Romo, TonyWhat could be more American that the Cowboys beating up the Eagles on Thanksgiving day.
Rodgers, AaronGreen Bay at home against the Patriots might not be the best odds in the world, but are you really going to bench Aaron Rodgers?
Roethlisberger, BenThe Falcons will have to throw and throw often to keep up.
Sanchez, MarkMark Sanchez has been over 300 yards for 4 straight games. Fantasy scores include garbage time production.
Vick, MichaelBenched for Geno Smith. Need I say more?
Griffin III, RobertBad footwork, bad play calling, bad team. Let someone else ruin their team with RG III.
Mallett, RyanTorn or not, an injured pectoral muscle is not a good thing for QB. Looks like a season ending injury.
Hoyer, BrianJosh Gordon will make Hoyer fantasy relevant. Look for big improvements in the Browns passing game.
Stanton, DrewLast Week was just awful for the Cardinals and Stanton is just not that bad.

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