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Week 3

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Rodgers, AaronAaron will get his quick and fast and then coast in for an easy victory over the Bengals.
Ryan, MattMatty Ice will take his game on the road and jam a bad case of Julio right down their throats.
Brady, TomWhile game factors keep Tom Brady out of our treasured #1 ranking he remains #1 in the hearts of fantasy owners.
Carr, DerekOne of the hottest QBs in the NFL right now, Derek Carr is in his 3rd season and looking like he understands the game.
Wilson, RussellRunning for his life is how Russell Wilson wins NFL games. This year is no change for him and the numbers will be there.
Winston, JameisTamper expectations against this very good Minnesota Defense but Jameis Winston is still a #1 fantasy QB.
Rivers, PhilipDo not count the Chargers out quite yet. Philip Rivers has a knack for putting up surprising wins against the Cheifs.
Smith, AlexHow many games will it take for you to trust Alex Smith?
Wentz, CarsonCarson Wentz is exceeding expectations and now hosts the bloodied Giants who cannot find any answers yet.
Cutler, JayCome on Man! Its the Jets, why would you not start Jay Cutler. Hold your nose and just do it.
Brees, DrewYou have to start a QB stud like Drew Brees no matter what the matchup says.
Newton, CamEveryone is all down on Cam in Week 3 and we know he is a little dinged, but look at the history and give him some love.
Roethlisberger, BenThe scouting report on Roethlisberger says that he does not play well on the road. News Flash, Ben will be Big in Chicago
Stafford, MatthewIn what looks to be another shootout for the Falcons, you get Matt Stafford trying to keep pace and throwing downfield.
Siemian, TrevorAfter 4 touchdowns in Week 2, even blind fantasy owners are finding Trevor Siemiaan in their lineups.
Dalton, AndyIf you need us to tell you that Andy Dalton is a "Dud" then put down the bong and pay attention to the games.
Palmer, CarsonWithout David Johnson, Arizona is toast. We are benching Carson Palmer in all formats
Bortles, Blake#1 WR gone. + Really questionable decisions by the QB . + Really good defense . = One really bad day for Blake Bortles.
Goff, JaredPlaying the hapless 49er secondary, even young Jared Goff will have a fantasy worthy day.

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