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Week 12

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Newton, CamDallas will not even slow the Panthers down. They will roll over the Cowboys like a Sherman Tank.
Brady, TomLosing weapons every week now, Brady just keeps finding new targets to score with.
Palmer, CarsonA relative newcomer to the PA stud list, How can you even consider benching Palmer against San Francisco.
Hoyer, BrianCome on, even Kirk Cousins had a big game against the Saints. Get Hoyer in your lineup this week.
Manziel, JohnnyBaltimore is like a punch drunk boxer that is still on his feet somehow. Manziel might put up the best game of his career.
Bortles, BlakeA nice sleeper pick up that has turned into a consistent fantasy starter.
Rivers, PhilipThe Chargers seemingly have no defense, which means Rivers will have to throw and throw and throw.
Manning, EliThe Manning to have and we all know the Redskins can be exploited.
Brees, DrewHe may not be winning NFL games, but he is winning in fantasy. Brees continues to air it out.
Hasselbeck, MattWith all kinds of downfield weapons Hasselbeck spreads the ball and connects often.
Roethlisberger, BenWith Brown on the other end why would you bet against Big Ben.
Stafford, MatthewStruggling for relevance Stafford will throw everything he has at the Eagles.
Dalton, AndyFinding ways to win in the NFL and for your fantasy team.
Rodgers, AaronRodgers is in it to win it and will find a way to connect.
Winston, JameisWith his weapons back and nice schedule Winston is a nice start.
Flacco, JoeTorn ACL and done for the season.
Sanchez, MarkThere is a good chance that Sam Bradford returns this week, but after what Sanchez showed us, he is in the dog pound.
Keenum, CaseLate game concussion in Week 11. Even if he plays for the Rams, Case Keenum does not belong on your fantasy roster.
Cousins, KirkJust say "NO" like Nancy told you.
Taylor, TyrodWatch his health, if he plays his legs will do enough to keep him in the conversation.

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