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Week 17

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Newton, CamThe Falcons need this win badly as does Carolina, give me either one of the QBs in this game.
Brady, TomWe have called Brady a stud a few times in the past. Watch the reports closely, but if he plays he starts for you.
Brees, DrewDrew Brees will own the Buccaneer defense by the time this game is thru. Nothing but burnt toast by the end.
Goff, JaredJared Goff has matured into one of the best QBs in the NFL. He will make that clear at home against San Francisco
Cousins, KirkEveryone goes for big numbers on the Giants. We expect Kirk Cousins to get the job done too.
Keenum, CaseChicago has become just powerful enough that Case Keenum will need to throw for the Vikings to win.
Stafford, MatthewBoth of these teams are out of the playoffs but they will play like this one really matters. Stafford is a good play.
Ryan, MattThe Falcons need this win badly as does Carolina, give me either one of the QBs in this game.
Smith, AlexNo fly zone my ass. Alex Smith and the Chiefs are going to make Denver look more like the passing lane.
Rivers, PhilipAll charged up and ready to take it the Raiders, Rivers hits his men in this tasty division match-up.
Bortles, BlakeAfter being dogged by every fantasy guru out there during pre-season, Blake is now a solid #1 QB.
Garoppolo, JimmyThe 49rs will need to throw early and often to even have a chance at beating the Rams.
Winston, JameisWhen the Saints put up 30 points, Jameis Winston will be slinging the rock like a stud.
Foles, NickIf you have been watching the Eagles, Nick Foles is not a true sleeper but for Dallas fans, Look out baby!

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