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Week 3

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Rodgers, AaronDivision rivalry at home for the Pack. No way you even consider benching Rodgers this week.
Roethlisberger, BenAntonio Brown could turn any QB into a stud all by himself.
Newton, CamRunning and gunning was used long before Cam Newton played football but the phrase fits this stud QB at every level.
Brees, DrewHow many high scoring games can the Saints play in one fantasy season? At least one more in week 3.
Palmer, CarsonThe Bills are in a world of hurt and Palmer will expose every bruise and cut.
Flacco, JoeFlacco seems to keep rising in the rankings despite our best efforts to keep him down.
Bortles, BlakeBortles has a reputation to regain, and he starts regaining it this week.
Rivers, PhilipHow many receivers can the Chargers lose and still keep ticking. Evidently a few more as Benjamin steps into prime time.
Luck, AndrewEvan though he laid a turd in Week 2, you know that Andrew Luck is starting for you unless your backup is Philip Rivers.
Prescott, DakBad defense ahead. If you have to take a chance on Dak Prescott this is the week.
Manning, EliHome game for Eli and ODB. He starts in all formats
Ryan, MattHigh scoring game that will feature many attempts to try and catch up. Matt Ryan makes a solid starter in Week 3.
Stafford, MatthewHeld out of the stud list by inconsistent play. Should be another high scoring affair for the Lions.
Dalton, AndyA tough match-up that will force Dalton to put the rock in the air.
Fitzpatrick, RyanThe Chiefs defense is missing a lot of horsepower right now making Fitzpatrick a solid fantasy starter.
Wilson, RussellCertainly he will not go without a TD two weeks in a row!
Carr, DerekThe team with a projected shoot-out every week.
Gabbert, BlaineBwahahahahahahahah
Siemian, TrevorThey are not letting Siemian very far out of the QB box. Leave him on your fantasy bench.
Bradford, Sam1 Week and in. If your team is hurting for QB production, Sam Bradford is looking good enough for Minnesota.
Wentz, CarsonThe Eagles might have their best QB in years.

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