Studs & Duds

Week 8

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Manning, PeytonBest QB in history. He has almost turned me into a Broncos Fan. Just almost though :)
Luck, Andrew#1 QB in Football this year. Do not even think about trading him away, start him instead.
Rodgers, AaronThe Packers offense is beginning to hum right along. Turning into the QB you drafted.
Brees, DrewFalling out of our Stud lists for the first time in a long time.
Brady, TomCaptain Comeback in letting everyone know that he is still "The Man" in New England.
Romo, TonyHome against the hated Redskins. Everyone knows the Cowboys will kick butt and take names.
Newton, CamImagine what Cam Newton could do if he actually had a running game to back him up.
Wilson, RussellNot as many passing yards as some, but those rushing numbers are impressive.
Flacco, JoeFlacco is showing the critics that he deserves that large paycheck Baltimore rewarded him with.
Bridgewater, TeddyTeddy has a Loooong way to go before you will be starting him on your fantasy team.
Cutler, JayCutler is even getting yelled at by the team mates that like him. Gotta be running scared at this point.
Hill, ShaunWe just cannot recommend a fantasy team having anything to do with Shaun Hill. Look elsewhere.

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