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Week 17

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Ryan, MattAtlanta is playing for a first round bye - Ryan pours it on and performs like a stud.
Brees, DrewA riskier stud with pride on the line. The Saints have no reason to rest anyone and would like to end the season with a W.
Wilson, RussellA great match-up and a first round bye to play for, Russell shows what he is made of this week.
Cousins, KirkStill alive against a suspect defense, you could do a lot worse than Kirk Cousins in Week 17.
Rodgers, AaronRodgers in Prime Time, with the game winner taking the division, this is the game of the week.
Stafford, MatthewTHE game of the Week, in Prime Time, at Home, for all the division marbles. Count your good luck stars if you have Stafford starting.
Smith, AlexThe Chiefs are hungry for the division title in the toughest division in the league.
Palmer, CarsonPalmer will play like its the play-offs, not wising to add insult to injury by losing to the Rams.
Luck, AndrewThe Jags will put up enough defense to keep Luck throwing.
Rivers, PhilipOut of the play-offs and demoralized by a loss to the Browns, Rivers has a bounce back week to end the season.
Roethlisberger, BenBeware of some anticipated resting for Big Ben this Week.
Brady, TomDeja vu takes us back to preseason when Brady only played the 1st quarter then sat.
Barkley, MattWith Barkleys future on the line he has everything to prove and nothing to lose.
Jones, LandryWhen Roethlisberger sits Landry takes the reins.

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